i’m from mount eden baby

and monarchs don’t quit

i graduate this wednesday. as excited as i am to finally get out and adventure life and see where it takes me…i’ll always miss high school. it went by so fast and so much happened in so little time, it’s no longer a wonder why my older friends/cousins say they would like to relive it again. i’m going to miss free education, textbooks, and especially free dance. i know i’m always welcome to visit—especially my second home, but of course it’ll never be the same. high school was a safe place for me as i found my own friends and where i belonged, and as great as it sounds, i’m scared shitless about facing the unknown again. 

but in the meantime, i will not let life harden my heart, i will never stop fighting and pushing myself past my limits, i will eliminate any and all of those who hold me down from my true potential, and i will keep pumping the handle of life hoping and wishing that something will come out of this. success is defeated with a single word: tomorrow. a lot of things made me into who i am today, but mount eden is definitely one, and that school has given me far too much for me to just keep thinking about tomorrow—i need to start thinking about today. 

and above all, i will not quit. and i will always thirst for more knowledge, for, in the words of wise mlad, the only place i am truly free is in my mind. 

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